Bodygem 40 vs. Bodygem System Kit

One of the great things about representing the Microlife Bodygem product is the choices that the company provides for the end user. While the company has strong research behind the product, many new business owners may not be sure about investing in it. The Bodygem 40 gives the small independent business owner an affordable way to try the unit without breaking the bank. The unit comes with the capability of performing 40 tests (plus two bonus tests with the initial unit). Included in the price is Bodygem Analyzer Software, marketing materials, carrying case, power supply, two boxes of Microlife mouthpieces and an implementation CD. When you have completed the 40 tests, the unit is expired. At that time you may purchase a Bodygem 40 reorder kit. This new unit will allow the user to perform another 40 tests and will come with two boxes of Microlife mouthpieces. The price for the Bodygem 40 reorder kits will be $100 less than the original purchase of the Bodygem 40.


If the end user is confident that they will test 15-20 people per month, we would recommend a purchase of the Bodygem System Kit. This unit includes one box of mouthpieces, Bodygem Analyzer software, marketing materials, carrying case, power supply and an implementation CD. After the first box of mouthpieces are used, the end user can purchase 2 boxes of mouthpieces and get the third box free. The cost per test on the Bodygem System Kit is lower than the Bodygem 40.


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