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MedGem & BodyGemMicrolife BodyGem & MedGem Resting Metabolic Rate Analyzers

Health & Fitness Network is pleased to be an authorized distributor of the BodyGem© and MedGem© Resting Metabolic Rate analyzers by Microlife Medical Home Solutions.  We have mouthpieces in stock ready for immediate shipment.  In addition we have BodyGem© and MedGem© systems in stock. Call to discuss pricing options on BodyGem and MedGem system kits.

CardioCheckCardiochek PA

The CardioChek PA is a state-of-the-art, hand-held, battery-operated, software-driven reflectance spectrophotometer. Easy to use. Two buttons do it all! – Results in just two minutes – Battery operated, no power source necessary – Portable, palm-sized, easy to ship and store – Large digital readout – Meets NCEP guidelines for accuracy and precision – Factory-calibrated and ready to use – Can be programmed to display in 7 languages.


ldxShotThe Cholestech LDX® System

Using patented, innovative technology, measures a complete lipid profile plus glucose, ALT•AST, and hs-CRP in only 5 minutes (6 minutes for hs-CRP) from a simple fingerstick. With our ALT•AST test, you can get immediate liver enzyme results. The scope of its measurement capabilities is not the only advantage to healthcare providers. The physician, nurse or technician can now share the results of testing with the patient on the spot, which means that action can be taken and treatment can begin immediately.


wcubasiloMcCue C.U.B.A. Clinical™ Contact Ultrasound Bone Analyzer

Never before has assessing a patient’s risk of fracture been easier or more cost-effective than with the C.U.B.A. A dry ultrasound sonometer, the C.U.B.A. Clinical™ is designed to perform a heel measurement in less than a minute. The world’s first dry ultrasound system (no water bath). Patented internal electronic phantom for simple calibration. Lightweight (22 lbs.) and easy-to-operate. Does not produce ionizing radiation. Cost-effective assessment of risk of fracture.