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Thank you for your interest in BIO|ANALOGICS’ Health Management System (HMS1000) and the ElectroLipoGraph Body Composition Analyzer (ELGIII). Our corporate mission is to develop the best products possible and provide impeccable customer service for the users of our systems. We have spent more than a decade developing the HMS1000 program and the ELGIII analyzer.

This self-guided tour is designed to help you better understand our products and their application to facilities like yours. After the tour, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable representatives for more detailed information and answers to any questions you may have.


For Microsoft Windows Desktop, BioAnalogics offers the Enterprise Health Management System (HMS). With a wide range of analysis tools and reports, this is a perfect application for one-on-one consulting in your office.

CyberCare Plan

Our CyberCare Plan offers the ability to directly engage the patient or client through the Internet. With the same robust reporting and tool set as our HMS package, the CyberCare Plan is a great tool for large and small organizations alike.


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