Resting Metabolic Rate Measurement vs. Estimation

The Harris Benedict Equation for calculating BMR was developed in 1919. These equations don’t factor in variables like thyroid and hormonal problems, body composition, supplementation and medications that may affect resting metabolism. Several years ago I tested two dietitians with the Medgem RMR Analzyer. They were the same height (5′ 4″) and same weight (115 lbs.) The difference was that one was an avid exerciser and the other was a light exerciser. There was a difference of 400 calories in their resting metabolic rate!


Let’s look at this a bit further. Let’s say you are a dietitian and you have two clients that both weigh 160 lbs, and are both 5’3″. They both want to lose 40 pounds.  how do you know where to start them in terms of caloric intake. Perhaps you put them both on a 1400 calorie diet. Without knowing their resting metabolic rate, you might as well throw darts at a board with numbers. This is especially true if their respective metabolisms are off by 300 calories!


This is the most compelling reason for professionals to invest in the Medgem RMR Analyzer of Bodygem RMR Analyzer. With the respective Medgem Analyzer Software program and affordable Bodygem Analyzer Software program, we can leave the calculations to the early 1900’s!