Resting Metabolic Rate

As a distributor for the Bodygem and Medgem Analyzers, people ask me what is the most compelling reason for testing someone with an indirect calorimeter. There are plenty of formulas that predict BMR and RMR including the Harris-Benedict equation and the Mifflin-St. Jeor. At times, these rates do work. However let’s take an example of two women who are the same height and the same weight. We’ll say they are 63″ and both weigh 165 pounds. They both want to lose thirty pounds. By using the equations, they are both going to come out with the same RMR estimate. But what happens if one women has an RMR of 1500 and the second woman has an RMR of 1200? The clinician that puts them on the same caloric intake is going to see on client succeed while the other will not have the same success. It’s no wonder why so many diets fail because they don’t give you a true starting point. The Bodygem indirect calorimeter gives you that starting point in a non-invasive ten minute test. For more information contact Health & Fitness Network at 800-743-3328.


Harvey Harris