Microlife Bodygem vs. Korr Metachek

As an independent distributor, I am fortunate to be able to have a choice in the companies that I represent. I had the opportunity to become a Korr distributor and after great consideration I am pleased to be a Microlife distributor. The following are some differences between the Bodygem and Metachek:


The Metachek has only been validated internally while the Bodygem has been both internally and externally validated.


The Metachek has a filter that is on the actual device and it’s recommended to be changed every 100 tests. The Bodygem uses mouthpieces that have their own filter.


The O2 sensors on the Metachek should be replaced annually. The O2 sensors on the Bodygem come with a 2 year warranty and the unit is valid for up to 1000 tests.


The Metachek can take up to 18 minutes to complete a test. The Bodygem will take as little as 5 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes.


The Metachek has its own special printer for their printout. The Bodygem uses Analyzer software that is compatible with any PC.


The Metachek must be connected to their cart and printer. The Bodygem is totally portable and comes with its own carrying case.