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BodyGem Mouthpieces Filters Bodygem and Medgem mouthpieces (21 per box)

defaul1The Microlife Bodygem and Medgem indirect calorimeters are clinically-validated measurement devices that assess resting metabolic rate (RMR).  The Bodygem and Medgem are easy to use delivering accurate results quickly.  When monitoring changes in metabolism, the Bodygem and Medgem gives you the necessary information to help individuals achieve personal weight management and nutrition goals.  All Bodygem and Medgem packages include the Bodygem Analyzer or Medgem Analyzer professional software.  The software allows the health and wellness professional to develop personalized weight management plans and generate individualized education reports for each client or patient.

Health & Fitness Network is pleased to be an authorized distributor for Microlife Home Medical Solutions.  We stock the Bodygem 40, Medgem 40, Bodygem System Kit, WatchWT Medgem System Kit and WatchWT Medgem Solutions Kit.  In addition we also stock Bodygem and Medgem mouthpieces with quick shipping.

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A video of MedGem® used on The Biggest Loser™ television show.

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